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A Holistic Perspective on Teenage Acne

The teenage years are a time of self awareness and discovery. We not only become more aware of the changes occurring within ourselves, but unfortunately, also begin to measure ourselves against our peers. We become more conscious about our clothes, appearance, weight, not forgetting the intense pressure to achieve the grades which, according to society, shape our ambitions and future.

All this internal turmoil is perfect breeding ground for acne vulgaris or pimples, as we normally call it. You may wonder at this point, isn’t acne a result of overactive glands, build-up of bacteria and dead skin? Yes. But this is only one side of the story.

We must appreciate the fact that all physical problems stem from an underlying emotional or mental disturbance. Once the conflict on these subtler planes is cleared, the physical problem will automatically melt away. This aspect of disease is explained very well in the Science of Metaphysics.

With this in mind, acne is actually a physical manifestation of “self dislike” or an inability to accept ourselves the way we are. This emotion is perfect soil for the development of acne, which is literally an “outburst” (of self-disapproval) on the skin.

I suffered from severe acne during my adolescent years. Until I changed my perception of myself, my skin did not clear.

It is very likely that a teenager with severe acne is grappling with self disapproval, the most common reasons being grades or relationships. Until I get As in all my subjects, I am not good enough. Until I have a boyfriend or girlfriend, I am not good enough. Until I lose all this weight, I am not good enough. These are some of the most common thought patterns seen in teenagers with skin problems.

There are some excellent Tissue salts and Bach Flower remedies that are not just effective in treating acne but also help to bring about a positive shift in the way we look at ourselves. In this way, the mental and emotional patterns which precede the physical manifestation are healed.

One of the most common flower remedies for skin eruptions is Crabapple. It aids in cleasing and detoxification but more importantly, deals with the mental pattern of self hatred. Persons requiring this remedy would typically be over-conscious about their appearance and complexion, wanting to get rid of what they deem to be undesirable.

Coping with a Serious Illness in the Family

A serious illness in the family is a trying time for all of us. Often, in the process of caring for our loved one, we find ourselves becoming drained both emotionally and physically.

Such circumstances usually come with financial worries, future uncertainties and additional responsibilities to family members. It is almost as though the atmosphere at home has become gloomy.

In such situations, it is necessary for us to maintain equanimity and try to create a positive vibe at home so that recovery can quickly ensue. It is crucial that we do not neglect our own well-being as this will further dampen the spirit of our loved one.

A particular combination of Bach Flower remedies is very beneficial in such situations. It helps to renew a sense of hope and restores our energy balance.

The remedies in this combination are as follows:

Gorse – This remedy helps to restore a sense of hope and optimism about the future.

Red Chestnut – This is indicated when one is excessively worried or fearful about the well-being of a loved one. It takes away the irrational fears and forebodings, thus helping to restore equanimity.

Olive – It helps in situations of extreme exhaustion, where it is difficult for the mind to function. It helps to restore spiritual and emotional energy.

Overcoming Negative Emotions such as Anger, Hatred & Jealousy

It would be an understatement to say that our lifestyle at present is taking its toll on us, especially where emotions are concerned. The demands at work and school, not forgetting the persistent competitive spirit that is driving us, create fertile soil for emotions such as anger, jealousy, hatred and suspicion to develop.

Many times, we are conscious of these negative emotions but are unable to come out of its vicious grip. Although it is difficult, we must make an effort to overcome this negativity as our body is unable to cope with the stress it creates. Emotions such as anger, jealousy and hatred manifest physically as allergies, inflamed or burning skin eruptions (pimples, boils, allergies) and may even show as a violent fever. In the long run, such negativity takes its toll on the lymphatic system, thus impairing immunity.

A Bach Flower Remedy that is excellent in such situations is Holly. It helps to re-establish inner balance and harmony in a person who has been thrown off-balance due to rage. The remedy can be taken dropwise up to 4 times a day for about 3 weeks.

Holly is suitable for angry outbursts and outward display of bitterness. However, if a person bottles up the negativity and keeps everything inside, Willow is a more suitable remedy. It is very appropriate for situations where there is unspoken resentment which you would like to gently rid yourself of. Willow can be taken in the same dosage as Holly.

Healing Grief

The loss of a loved one, whether a family member, friend or even a pet, triggers in us a plethora of emotions, which we generally call grief. Although grief is usually associated with the passing on of a loved one, it is not exclusive to just that. Grief is simply a sense of loss that is felt after losing something or someone. It could be a person, job or even a loss of status, which is rather common in today’s world, where one’s fortunes change in a matter of seconds.

It is important to allow the grieving process to take its course, but if it extends years and severely hampers one’s ability to carry on with life, help is required.

Many a times, people complain of long-standing aches and pain, chronic migraines, perpetual fears and anxieties for which they do not have a definite cause. It is almost as though they cannot remember a time without the pain. Upon further questioning, they finally come to realise that their complaints started after the death or parting of a loved one.

The inability to come to terms with loss is a very common cause of various ailments. In homeopathy, there some excellent remedies to balance a person’s vital force in such situations since it takes into account the whole person and not just the physical symptoms.

Please consult a qualified practitioner if you are considering homeopathic treatment . Do not attempt to self-medicate in this situation as a delicate handling of your constitution is required.  A homeopathic practitioner will not just prescribe on the sense of loss but will take into consideration your totality before prescribing a remedy.

If you are not yet ready to see a practitioner, you may want to consider Bach Flower remedies to aid you in your healing. Since flower remedies are selected simply based on current emotions and feelings, no prior medical knowledge is required. Hence, they are excellent for self-healing.

Some suitable Bach Flower Remedies:

Star of Bethlehem – This is the chief remedy for shock, trauma and grief. It is very effective when the trauma seems to overwhelm one’s existence and cannot be released. This is the first remedy to be given when one receives shocking news. This will give the person strength to absorb the shock and maintain equanimity.

Walnut – This is the remedy that helps with adjustment and change in life after any major event. It breaks any negative link with the past and allows a person to positively adapt to situations. This should be considered when a person is going through a transitional phase after experiencing a loss.

Honeysuckle – The key use of honeysuckle is to help one come out of a lost relationship. There is a lot of longing for past relationships or life situations and the person is unable to focus on the present. This is also a very effective remedy when one is distressed about the loss of youth, health and or beauty.

The remedies can be taken in combination, four times a day at an interval of 3 to 4 hours for up to 3 weeks.

Babies’ Ailments – Colic

Babies’ Ailments

Part 3: Colic

Sleeping, drinking milk and…crying are all part of a baby’s daily routine, especially in the first three months. However, if your baby keeps crying for more than three hours a day, without any apparent reason, chances are that he or she could be experiencing colic. By definition, colic is a condition in which an otherwise healthy baby cries or screams frequently and for extended periods without any discernible reason. Scientists have suggested an immature digestive system, lactose intolerance or even anxiety in breastfeeding mothers as possible causes for colic in babies but there is no established reason for this.

Generally, gripe water is the preferred remedy for many parents. It is a natural remedy that contains herbs such as dil, fennel, chamomile and ginger. Before purchasing a bottle of gripe water, it is necessary to check the ingredients’ list for the absence of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) as this is not an ideal substance for your baby’s delicate system.

Baking soda is alkaline in nature and can upset the acid balance in your baby’s stomach in addition to producing other unwanted side effects. Thus, it is necessary to make an informed choice when selecting a suitable brand of gripe water for your baby.

If you are breastfeeding, also consider if there could be anything in your diet that is aggravating your baby. And finally, no matter how tired and distresed you are with the new parenting routine, remind yourself to remain happy and positive as your baby could simply be picking up your anxieties!


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