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Cases from the File – Skin Eruption in the Gluteal Region

A lady in her mid-eighties complained of intense itching in her gluteal cleft (groove between the buttocks). She said that the itching was worse once she went to bed at night. At times, she could also feel a burning sensation in the region. She could not recall when it had started. She just knew that it had been there for many years.

Upon examination, the region was red and dry. It looked like a fungal infection. She had been managing the itching with an anti-fungal ointment all this while.

Based on the redness, burning and itching in the warmth of the bed, I gave her the indicated remedy on the tongue and told her to keep me updated on how she felt.

The itching gradually reduced and when I examined the area two days later, the patch was less red and much smaller. I did not repeat the remedy as it still was working in her system. Perhaps another dose of the remedy may be required after several weeks to give her permanent relief from the problem.

An important thing to note when taking homeopathic remedies is that as long as the first dose is giving relief or showing improvement, there is no need to repeat the remedy. Only when progress stops, should a second dose be given.

Patients do sometimes wonder why their practitioner is being “stingy” with the remedies. It is anything but that as hasty repetitions do spoil a well-progressing case.

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