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Lisa and the Mystery of the Little White Globules – A Story about Homeopathy for Children

This book review was first published on the Harbord Homeopathic Clinic website.

How often have our clients asked us simple questions about homeopathy, which we’ve answered using technical jargon common in the profession? Well, I’m definitely guilty of that. Even for basic questions on how remedies are made, I have taken the long route of explaining the process of trituration and succussion, and received blank stares in return. This delightful little story, takes us through Lisa’s journey and through that, explains the art of homeopathy accurately, yet succinctly.

The majority of those who patronise homeopathy are children – yet, I have not come across a book that is tailored to answer their myriad curiosity-driven questions. This short story is a breath of fresh air and bridges the communication between us and our young patients. From why homeopaths ask so many questions to why all the pills look the same colour; whether homeopathy can work for animals to how poisonous substances can become remedies – you have the answers for all the young ones who walk through the door.

I am a parent of a little toddler and his eyes light up whenever he sees my little bottles with white pills. To put it simply, he is a big fan of homeopathy and one of his favourite ‘toys’ is a bottle of blank pills that he likes to shake while watching Giggle and Hoot. He has not started talking yet – hence, the questions have not started. But I am absolutely sure that the day is not far when his curiosity is perked on why I always offers the same white pills whether he has a fever, diarrhoea or even tamper tantrums. After all, his other friends get white, orange and even pink tablets! Well, I’ll have this book handy by the bedside.

By: Mariya Mustan

Lisa and the Mystery of the Little White Globules A Story about Homeopathy for Children

The author Jörg Wichmann

Jörg lives with his family in the countryside near Cologne, Germany, where he runs his homeopathic practice. He likes to try to help children understand the mystery of how life works and this story delves straight into it.

Rise in Infant Constipation – A Homeopathic Approach

Over the years, I am seeing more mothers seeking homeopathic treatment for their babies’ constipation problems. It seems that our young ones, as little as six-months-old, are becoming less efficient at clearing their bowels – a process which should be rather smooth for them at such a young age considering that their diet consists of mainly purees and milk.

It is common for babies to have stools of a firmer consistency once they start solids, bottled baby foods and formula milk. For some babies, it could be part of their normal stool cycle to void their bowels every two to three days. However, it becomes a problem when emptying the bowels become painful and starts affecting their appetite and energy levels – and we are now seeing this at a much younger age. This is where intervention either from a homeopath or general physician is required.

In my practice, I have seen good results with homeopathic remedies for this problem. The treatment takes into consideration not just the chief symptom or diagnosis – constipation – but a 360-degree view of the child’ personality, lifestyle, likes and dislikes, temperament and even the parents’ emotional  states in pregnancy and at the time of consultation. Hence, the treatment and remedy is individualised taking into account the baby’s unique life situation.

The two most frequently used remedies in my practice for this ailment have been Calcarea Carbonica and Alumina. Calcarea Carbonica is a commonly indicated constitutional remedy, meaning that this remedy can correct energy imbalances on all three spheres – mental, emotional and physical. Most babies do require this remedy at some point in their infancy. Calcarea carbonica babies tend to be flabby, have sour perspiration and give an overall impression of slowness. These babies will be content sitting in one place and observing the world go by rather than being at the heart of the activity. Mother will often say that their child has had some milestone delays. It is no surprise that this slowness also manifests in the digestive system.  A couple of doses of this remedy, prescribed professionally, can have a remarkable impact on the Calcarea carbonica baby’s development.

Alumina is another remedy that has shown to be effective for infant constipation in my practice. The remedy, made from aluminium oxide, is indicated when soft stools require great straining and the stools are passed in very small quantities. It is theorised that an increased use of aluminium-based cookware to heat and prepare meals could have impacted a rise in Alumina-type constipation in our babies.  It would also be worthwhile to read the inserts of skincare products to see if they contain any aluminium-based ingredients that could be contributing to your child’s constipation. However minute the quantity may be, it can penetrate through your baby’s skin and contribute to the problem.

Performance Anxiety – Examinations, Jobs, Interviews etc

Performance Anxiety – Examinations, Jobs, Interviews etc

At some point in time, all of us have doubted our own abilities and had sleepless nights tossing and turning, thinking about the next day’s exam or interview… despite being well prepared for the task and knowing “deep down” that everything is under control.

For those of you who have school-going children, you may  have noticed that your child suddenly develops colds, coughs or even diarrhoea just around the time of an important test or exam. Besides school-related tasks, children also tend to experience the same type of nervousness before a visit to the doctor or dentist. Even for adults, there is the common butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling that precedes a big event.

There are some very effective homeopathic remedies that can help calm your nerves, ease tension and help you in concentrating better on the tasks at hand so that you are able to harness your full potential rather than waste energy fretting and worrying about it. The treatment strategy is individualised and takes into consideration your unique circumstances, lifestyle, likes and dislikes. Hence, it is best to seek help from a qualified homeopath who will be able to select a remedy that is suited for you.

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