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Babies’ Ailments – Diaper Rash

Babies’ Ailments

Part 2: Diaper Rash

While changing your baby’s nappy or diaper, you may have come across redness and tenderness on the buttocks and the surrounding area. This irritation is commonly known as diaper rash. There are many reasons for this, with the most common ones being prolonged exposure to a soiled diaper and use of new products.

The diapers that we use nowadays have very good absorption power. Hence, you may not find it necessary to change your baby’s diaper frequently. However, no matter how dry your baby may feel, it is necessary to change the diaper at least six times a day as exposure to a soiled diaper causes irritation and discomfort.

The wipes, powders and lotions that you use on your baby must be safe and gentle. In addition, some babies are sensitive to the detergents that are used to wash their cloth diapers. Hence, it is necessary to be mindful of these things that we may generally deem as insignificant.

Dietary changes may also contribute to diaper rash. This could happen when you introduce solids to your baby’s diet or if you are breast-feeding, it could be a response to changes in your own diet.

You must be extra mindful if your baby has been given a course of antibiotics as this generally upsets the balance of the good bacteria in the body, thus causing diaper rash. This also applies if you have taken antibiotics when breastfeeding your baby.

There are excellent homeopathic remedies which are available in cream or ointment form to help with the external dryness and irritation. However, if the problem persists even after external application, homeopathy also offers constitutional treatment that takes into account your baby’s unique temperament, diet, likes and dislikes. Constitutional approach is generally the preferred treatment strategy as it offers long-term health and wellness for your baby.

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