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Why the Heart “Burns”

Heartburn, acid reflux and stomach ulcers are very common problems of the digestive tract. In conventional medicine, the doctor usually prescribes antacids to reduce the irritation and burning sensation that is experienced. However, anyone who has taken antacids will know that although it is very effective, the relief provided is only temporary. This is because conventional medication is not directed towards curing an ailment. The purpose is simply to provide symptomatic relief.

In order to eradicate an ailment, we must strive to understand why it has manifested in the first place. Physical problems manifest due to some suppressed emotions or negativity. Our bodies are not designed to “house” negative emotions. Hence, to establish order, the body is intelligent enough to “throw out” the negativity in the form of some physical ailment.

In the case of heart “burns”, it manifests because of suppressed fear. If you were to have an intimate chat with an individual who suffers from chronic heartburn or other digestive problems, you will come to understand that there is a lot of fear or insecurity harboured in the emotional plane. Once this fear is addressed, the physical ailment will be alleviated.

The part of the body or chakra (energy meridian) that holds on to fear is the solar plexus. It is also this chakra that is connected to the digestive system. If an individual has a lot of fears and anxieties, the solar plexus will generally be blocked or choked. This blockage, in turn, has an adverse effect on the digestive organs.

In Reiki therapy, energy is directed more towards the solar plexus with the intention that it works on addressing the core emotions behind the heart “burn”. After a session, a client may become more aware about emotions that were previously suppressed and be more empowered to let them go. This process generally takes time. However, the first step is definitely awareness of the problem and this, in itself, is therapeutic.

Homeopathic remedies work beautifully with Reiki in order to hasten the healing process. Since we are on the subject of emotions behind digestive problems, it would be worthwhile to examine the personality profiles of two homeopathic remedies that are prominent in treating such problems.

Arsenicum album (Ars alb) is a very useful remedy for gastric derangements. Ars alb individuals have a tendency towards intense, burning pains and indigestion from cold foods, vinegar, acidic fruits, etc. Personality wise, they have a deep-seated insecurity with fears of being alone, death, poverty. They are also extremely stingy with money and material possessions and tend to be very selfish individuals. It is not wonder that they also have intense anxiety that is felt in the pit of the stomach – the exact location of the solar plexus!

Another remedy worth examining is Nux vomica. This personality typifies the modern, competitive man, leading a sedentary life. Individuals for whom Nux vomica is suited are ambitious and competitive to a pathological degree. Their fear is that they are going to be left behind in the rat race. They tend to overindulge in coffee, alcohol, sex, spicy foods and have a rather short temper. Since their mind is so “inflamed”, they are prone to inflammatory disorders such as gastritis and ulcers.

I have found that by combining Reiki and Homeopathy, a powerful synergy of healing energy is created, and this has proven to be invaluable in my personal practice.

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