Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flowers Remedies offer a very simple approach to holistic wellness, taking into account our present feelings and emotions. The remedies heal negative emotions, thus restoring balance, positivity and harmony once again.

What are Bach Flower Remedies

The medicinal power of flowers was discovered by Dr Edward Bach in the early 20th century. He spent six years in jungles and ravines, observing how plants and their flowers battled and adapted to environmental stressors, in order to ensure their survival. He extended his findings from nature to develop 38 Bach Flower Remedies, each corresponding to a different emotional and mental state that is possible in the course of our lives.

A Bach Flower Remedy simply contains the medicinal energy of the flower it is made from. It does not contain the actual substance at all.

How Bach Flower Remedies Work

“It is not the disease that is of importance, it is the patient, the way in which he or she is affected, which is our true guide to healing”.
– Dr Edward Bach

According to Dr Bach, a disease can only set in if there are pre-existing negative states such as worry, fear or suppression of desire. This negativity causes an imbalance in our “Life Force Energy” (See Homeopathy), thus providing fertile ground for diseases to manifest. Physical disease is nothing more than an expression of a disturbed mind. Once the emotional problems are healed layer after layer, the related physical ailment will automatically be resolved.

The Perfect Home Remedy

This system is perfect for self-healing as no prior medical knowledge is required. The flower remedies are selected simply based on current emotions and feelings.

There is no danger of over-dosing when using flower remedies. They can be taken as single remedies or used in combination. Personally, I do not prescribe more than 3 remedies at a time.

If you are already on medication, check with your doctor before embarking on the therapy. Generally, Bach Flower Remedies work well alongside regular medication.

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